Roberto Fabbriciani - Alpe Della Luna

Roberto Fabbriciani Alpe Della Luna

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Alpe della Luna is a sound story of 4 tracks (Imaginative brilliant, Low sky, Current, Submerged Sound) for flute and prerecorded tape, and was composed between 2011 and 2015.

The work, formerly a single piece is seamless. The listener is projected into a mysterious and sometimes surreal sonic universe where the flute and pre-recorded tape from Roberto is always changing and multifaceted.

The Alp of the Moon is located over the Alpe di Poti in the Tuscan Apennines, not far from Caprese, a place that gave birth to Michelangelo Buonarroti. A place, where from time immemorial the shepherds accompanied their flocks, it is also a place that represents the childhood of Roberto Fabbriciani.

A sonic dreamscape in which sounds soar in the heights and then merge and chase each other into nuanced depths. A poetic description of the geographical landscape, with alternating hills and mountain peaks, steep cliffs and valleys with melodic ritornellanti, echoes, voices of dogs, and birds.

The sound is rich with scales and arpeggios and dynamic tonal variety. This is not mere fantasy music inspired by nature, since the element of reality blends with imagery created by the listener's own imagination.

Luisella Botteon

Side one

  1. Fantasioso Brilliante - 6'30"
  2. Cielo Basso - 11'45"

Side two

  1. Corrente - 6'09"
  2. Suono Sommerso - 13'27"


Genre: Contemporary classical

Label: Vinylselection

Catalogue reference: VS003

Year: 2017

Format: Vinyl Album, LP

Media Condition: New

Number of discs for this unit: 1

Inner Sleeve Condition: New

Outer Sleeve Condition: New

Inner Sleeve type: New.

Outer Sleeve type: Single Side Open


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