Stephen Davismoon - Stations Of The Clyde

Stephen Davismoon Stations Of The Clyde

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Stations Of The Clyde

A Limited Edition release of 500 hand-numbered vinyl records.

Side ONE

  1. Stations of the Clyde - Prelude (3:19)
  2. Stations of the Clyde - Interlude I (5:56)

Side TWO

  1. Stations of the Clyde - Interlude II (5:32)
  2. Stations of the Clyde - Coda (3:14)

A sound-art piece, presenting fragments of place and memory - soundmarks - from a short, often-made journey from platform 6 of Glasgow Central Station...through the concourse of that magnificent, cavernous, resonant structure...down through the city’s underground tunnels...resurfacing by Kelvingrove Park...and...back again:

...the air pressure releases, the announcements, the footsteps, the calls of passers-by and train assistants ... the underground tunnels seem to throb and breathe ... the cash splayed out, the turnstile admitting traveller after traveller ... subterranean water drops, the scream of metal on metal, the shaking carriages ... on to birdcalls overhead...

The four movements of the work trace this journey; the pitches of the haunting background drones are derived from the formant frequencies of the vowels of Glasgow Green Station.

Stations of the Clyde was composed for the ‘Stations of the Green’ exhibition curated by The Drouth’s Johnny Rodger and Mitch Miller, focusing on Turner Prize winning GSA alumnus Douglas Gordon’s demolished public artwork ‘Proof’ at the remains of Glasgow Green Station. The exhibition ran at New Glasgow Society 1307 Argyle St. Glasgow, 26th April – 17th May 2013

Stations of the Clyde is dedicated to Patricia Donald, a true daughter of the Clyde.

Composed by Stephen Davismoon. Produced by Clydesdale and Inman.

Cover Art by Kind Permission of Pat Donald

Catalogue Number VS002.


Genre: Contemporary classical

Label: Vinylselection

Catalogue reference: VS002

Year: 2017

Format: Vinyl

Media Condition: New

Number of discs for this unit: 1

Inner Sleeve Condition: New

Outer Sleeve Condition: New

Inner Sleeve type: New.

Outer Sleeve type: gatefold


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