Vinylselection - UK Independent Record label

Vinylselection is an independent record label dedicated to high quality vinyl. We work in collaboration with various diverse artists to provide Limited Edition collectible vinyl releases to the highest quality.

We apply audiophile values to all stages of music reproduction where possible.

Some of the original recordings emerge from a wide variety of sources including home recordings. The aim of the production process, is to capture the experience of the musicians performance and reproduce it in the best possible quality Vinyl record format.

Vinylselection strives to represent artists' commercial interests, we do not try to influence or interfere with creativity.

Our bare minimum standard is 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl with playback time reduced to approximately 20 minutes per side.

The Audiophile's Choice is the record that will do the best job of communicating the music through superior sound quality and production.

Featured Artists


Vinylselection's Ghost Music to Vinyl release is a collaboration with Mr. Steve Plews.
Read more about Steve Plews.


Vinylselection is pleased to collaborate with introduced or invited artists.

If you would like to commission a project, please contact us.


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Charitable Causes

Helping good causes is really important to us. If you're a charity or community group who'd like to collaborate on a musical appeal, please contact us.

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